Mastt - About Us

About Us

Our Vision

A digitized global construction industry

Our Mission

To transform the global construction industry by providing
solutions to planning, documentation and analytics.

Who we are

We are a passionate team of tech enthusiasts striving to create a more digitized construction industry.

Mastt was founded as a result of working within the construction industry and struggling with the available tools and technologies to manage large and complex project financials. We initially developed a solution to make our lives easier and quickly discovered that there were many professionals within the industry experiencing similar obstacles. It is now our mission to introduce a suite of innovative technology products in this industry and make them available in a clear, friendly and affordable fashion.

Executive Team

We pride ourselves on a healthy mix of industry expertise, tech passion and strategic experience.

Doug Vincent

Project Management Expert
Managing Director

Raman Nambiar

Seasoned Entrepreneur
Head of Strategic Partnerships

Jamie Cerexhe

Experienced Software Engineer
Head of Engineering