Mastt - Benefits


Capital and Infrastructure Portfolios of today

are becoming increasingly complex as the size, scale and risk of capital and
infrastructure projects grow globally. Portfolio and project managers require
real time visibility and ongoing capture of project intelligence to ensure
projects are delivered on time and within budget.

...yet organisations rely on slow, manual systems

for informing the biggest decisions across a Portfolio

Globally, capital and infrastructure organisations rely on outdated tools
and systems. The systems available are unable to keep pace with the
growing complexity of the industry.

Disparate data sources
and templates bogging
down reporting.

Teams are
collating mass
data in spreadsheets.

Projects have limited or
no transparency into
the biggest capex
risk contributors.

Up to 90 days to collate
reports at the portfolio
level with limited

Where Mastt comes in

Mastt is a cloud enterprise solution for delivering capital works portfolios. We
reduce complexity and increase efficiency in one elegant system without touching a single document
or spreadsheet, giving organisations, capital works portfolios and project
teams a real-time and data-driven way to deliver projects.


Increase in Forecast Accuracy

Mastt’s capital works specific system is a best-practise formula for boosting your teams reporting quality and output.


Capital Released

Thanks to Mastt’s transparency across finances, make capital reinvestment decisions by releasing capital previously hidden in risks, contingencies and uncommitted amounts.

90 to 0

Reduced Reporting Times

Make informed decisions in real-time, rather than waiting weeks or months for a report.

Your World before

A life without visibility

Your World + Mastt

Digital Revolution -
full transparency, real-time reporting.

It would have been a good to know this last
month when it actually happened!

Receieves report data that is
30-60 days out of date.

Too little too late to mitigate risks or issues.

Thinks projects teams are performing poorly.

Executive Team

No longer relies on report generated
for them with access to live dashboards.

Get anytime access to the true
state for the organisation based
on real-time data.

What is the value of our current
contract commitments?

Limited reliability in program
and project data.

Strategy and Operational Staff

Informed, reliable decision making for
key metrics of the organisation`s
program works.

Impossible to identify project, contract
and financial risks before they occur.

Wastes time calculating hundreds of
documents and spreadsheets for
Executive reports.

Program Managers

With predictive insights, focus
attention to projects and contracts
in order to stop blockages
and issues before they occur.

I just finished this month`s report, now
I have to start next months!

Constant duplication of of effort and double
handling in spreadsheets and documents.

By the time a report is generated and
delivered, it`s ancient history.

Project Managers

Immediately spot risks and issues in
order to take actions needed to
stop cost and time blowouts.

Less time spent in documents
and spreadsheets, more time
applying experience.

Relying on hundreds of spreadsheet tabs
to keep track of contract data.

Manual data entry of contracts, variations,
claims, cash flow, risk and other
project information.

Support Staff

No spreadsheets to format or enter data,
key processes and procedures are
automated freeing up time to invest in
higher impact project activities.

See why $ billions worth of projects
deliver better with Mastt

"Mastt provides software that is currently at the forefront of owner/client-side project management for the construction industry and continues to change the way we operate for the better."