Mastt - Features


Live and automated Capital Works Portfolio Management

Real-time and data-driven, reducing your teams time-wasted to zero.

Get off spreadsheets and documents entirely and move into Mastt’s best in class system built specifically for capital works portfolio owners and managers.


Keep track of all projects and contracts with live interactive reports.


Automatically generate reports at the touch of a button.

Project and Portfolio Finances

Replace spreadsheets and old systems with one end-to-end platform.

Portfolio Dashboards

See in real time how project spending affects assets, regions, portfolios, programs and more.

Health and Risks

Spot risks and issues before they occur with a real-time view over project and portfolio health indicators.

Documents and Attachments

Keep all the important pieces centralised in one place.

Detailed Audit History

Capture all the changes on your project for visibility and compliance.

Commitments and Contracts

Keep track of all contracts and vendors in real-time using Mastt’s best practise framework.


Avoid overclaiming and workflow processing of claims to meet legislation.

Cashflow and Capex

Manage monthly and in-year capital allocations, reconciled back to budgets.


Maintain coordination and control over the stage, timing and release of procurements in the portfollio.

Timing and Progress

Measure and track project schedules and progress through key milestones, baseline dates and actual dates.

It’s your data

Get maximum transparency of your data and make quicker, more informed decisions on projects in real time.

See why $ billions worth of projects
deliver better with Mastt

"Mastt provides software that is currently at the forefront of owner/client-side project management for the construction industry and continues to change the way we operate for the better."