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Legal notice and general terms and conditions of use

Legal notice

These general conditions of use and legal information (hereinafter, General Conditions) regulate the use and access to the website www.mastt.com.au owned by Mastt Australia Pty Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to indistinctly as Mastt APP or simply Mastt) through which the Mastt web site and the application (hereinafter jointly called the Platform) are made available to users (hereinafter “User” or “Users”), which allows Users to search and read Mastt information in respect of which Users hold the rights and/or possess the faculties legally necessary.

In compliance with the provisions of article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the following identifying details of the owner of this website are displayed: www.mastt.com.au

  • Corporate name: Mastt Australia Pty Ltd
  • Registered office: Australia
  • ABN: 78 624 216 075
  • Date of Registration: 05-02-2018

General Conditions of Use


Access and Registrations for Users

In order to be Users of the platform it is indispensable that the following requirements are met:

  • Fill out the mandatory fields of the registration form, which asks for personal information such as name, surname, telephone number and others.
  • Accept these Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Accept the User specific terms of Agreements ie. SAAS
  • Accept the Data Privacy Policy
  • Accept the Cookies Policy

The User guarantees that all the data provided to Mastt is truthful, accurate and complete, and bears the responsibility of updating the information supplied, in such a way that reflects the User’s real situation.

The User will be responsible for the inaccuracy or lack of veracity of the information provided. In the event that the User provides any false, inaccurate or incomplete information or if Mastt considers that there are reasonable grounds for doubting the veracity, correctness and completeness thereof, Mastt may deny you the present and future access and use of the Platform or any of its contents and/or services.

The User agrees not to disclose the data relating to his/her account or make it accessible to third parties. The User shall be solely responsible in the event of use of such data by third parties, including demonstrations on the platform.

Mastt cannot guarantee the identity of registered users, therefore it will not be responsible for the use of the identity of a User registered by non-registered third parties.

The Users are obliged to immediately inform Mastt of the subtraction, disclosure or loss of their username or password, communicating it to hello@Mastt.com.au

User Obligations

Users are fully responsible for the access and correct use of their profile and other contents of the Platform subject to current local, regional, state or national legality, as well as principles of good faith, morality, good manners and public order. And specifically, they acquire the commitment to diligently observe the present General Conditions of Use.

Users shall refrain from using their profile and the rest of the contents of the Platform for illicit purposes or effects that are detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way can damage, disable, affect or impair the Platform, its Content, and its services. Likewise, it is prohibited to prevent the normal use or enjoyment of the Platform to other Users.

Mastt will not be held responsible for publishing, and expressly declares that it does not identify with any of the opinions that may be issued by the Users of the Platform, who assume all the consequences for any comments they may issue.

Those who fail to comply with such obligations will be liable for any damages or harms they may cause. Mastt shall not be held liable for any consequences, damages or losses that may arise from such access or use by third parties.

In general, the Users agree to the following, including but not limited to:

  • Not to use the Platform for illegal or unauthorized purposes;
  • Not to host, store, divulge, publish, distribute or share any content that may imply an illegitimate interference or infringement in any form of the rights based on the honor, image and personal and family privacy of third parties and, especially, age;
  • Not to post on the Platform or profile or that of another User any comment or information that is illegal, racist, xenophobic, obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, misleading, fraudulent or otherwise contrary to public morality or order;
  • Not to alter or modify, totally or partially, the Platform, bypassing, deactivating or manipulating any other functions or services thereof;
  • Not to infringe on industrial and intellectual property rights or the norms regulating the protection of personal data;
  • Not to use the Platform to insult, defame, intimidate, violate the image itself or harass other Users;
  • Not to access the email accounts of other Users;
  • Not to introduce computer viruses, defective files, or any other software that may cause damage or alterations in the contents or systems of BADI APP or third parties;
  • Not to send emails with a massive and/or repetitive nature to a plurality of people, nor send email addresses of third parties without their consent;
  • Not to carry out publicity actions of goods or services without the previous consent of Mastt;
  • Not to impair or damage the reputation of Mastt;
  • Not to distribute, make available or otherwise communicate publicly, transform or modify any protected content or benefit without the prior authorization of the legitimate right holders

Mastt also reserves the right to withdraw and/or suspend any message with illegal or or offensive content, without the need for prior notice or subsequent notification. In your case, Mastt will provide the enforcement agencies and bodies and/or other competent authorities with the pertinent information to understand that the user’s activity may constitute a crime or infringement.

To the appropriate explanatory effects, the User is informed that it is strictly forbidden for the User to use the Platform by posing as another person or pretending that they have the authority to represent third parties or entities.

Mastt’s responsibility

The User is responsible for having the necessary services and equipment for browsing the internet and for accessing the Platform. In case of any incident or difficulties to access the Platform, the User can inform Mastt to the email hello@Mastt.com.au, who will proceed to analyze the incident and give the User instructions on how to resolve it in the shortest possible time.

Mastt does not control and is not responsible for the content discharged by Users through the Platform, who are solely responsible for the legal adequacy of said contents. In particular, Mastt excludes any liability for damages of any nature whatsoever derived, some examples of this include:

  • The disruption to, or the lack of availability of, the Platform;
  • The violation of the User’s privacy and/or the impersonation of their identity by third parties;
  • The possible transmission of elements that adversely affect the computer systems of the User;
  • The accuracy, completeness and timely updating of the content hosted on the Platform;
  • The accuracy, integrity or quality of the material generate and/or transmitted by, or for, the User; and

The User is solely responsible for the infractions that may be incurred or any damages that may be caused by the use of the Platform, leaving Mastt, its partners, collaborators, employees and representatives exonerated of any kind of responsibility that could be derived by the actions of the User.

The User is solely responsible for any claim or legal action, judicial or extrajudicial, initiated by third parties against Mastt based on the use by the User of the Platform. In this case, the User will assume all expenses, costs and indemnities to be transferred to Mastt due to such claims or legal actions.

The User declares to know and accept that when making comments in spaces such as blogs, forums, walls, etc., the personal data and information that you enter in them can be viewed by other users, making the User assume total responsibility for any such comments.

Content Responsibility

Mastt has no obligation to control and does not control Users’ use of the Platform and, therefore, does not guarantee the Users use the Platform in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms of Use, nor that they make a diligent and/or prudent use of it.

Mastt excludes any liability for damages of any nature that may be due to the illicit use of the Platform by Users or that may be due to the lack of veracity, validity, completeness and/or authenticity of the information that Users provide to other Users about themselves and, in particular, but not exclusively, for damages of any nature that may be due to the impersonation of the personality of a third party’s personality by a User in any kind of communication performed through the Platform.

Notwithstanding the previous statement, Mastt reserves the right to limit, in whole or in part, access to the Platform for certain users, as well as to cancel, suspend, block or eliminate certain type of contents, by means of the use of technological instruments suitable for the effect, if they had knowledge that the activity information stored is illegal or that it damages property or rights of a third party. In this sense, Mastt will be able to establish the necessary filters in order to avoid illicit or harmful contents pouring into the network. The provision by the Users of content through the Platform will entail the assignment in favor of Mastt of all exploitation rights derived from the content provided in the Platform.

Update and Modification of the Platform

Mastt reserves the right to modify, at any time and without previous notice, these General Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy. Users must read these General Conditions carefully when accessing the platform. In any case, the acceptance of the General Conditions will be a preliminary and indispensable step to access the services and contents available through the Mastt Platform.

In addition, Mastt reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, updates, modifications or deletions of information contained in its platform in the configuration and presentation of this and the conditions of access, without assuming any responsibility for it. Mastt does not guarantee the absence of interruptions or errors in the access of the Platform or its contents, nor that this one is always up-to-date, however, Mastt will carry out, as long as there are no causes that make it impossible or difficult to execute, and as soon as it notices the errors, disconnections or lack of content updates, all those tasks aimed at rectifying errors, restoring communication and updating the contents.


Mastt reserves the right to assign spaces, sections or pages of the Platform, even interspersed with the contents of the User, for the inclusion of contents for advertising or promotional purposes or that are subject to sponsorship. Notwithstanding provisions set forth in Data Privacy and Cookie policies.

Intellectual Property

Mastt is the owner or licensee of all the intellectual and industrial property rights included in the Platform as well as the contents accessible through it. The intellectual property rights of the Platform, as well as: texts, images, graphic design, navigation structure, information and contents that are collected in it are the property of Mastt, to whom is the exclusive exercise of the rights of exploitation of the same in any form and, in particular, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, in accordance with the Australian legislation on intellectual and industrial property rights.

The User’s authorization for access to the Platform does not imply a waiver, transmission, license or total or partial transfer of intellectual or industrial property rights by Mastt. It is not permissible to delete, circumvent or manipulate in any way the contents of the Mastt Platform. It is also forbidden to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, communicate publicly, make second or later publications, upload files, mail, transmit, use, treat or distribute in any way all or part of the contents included in the Mastt Platform for public or commercial purposes, if you do not have the express written permission of Mastt or, where appropriate, the holder of the rights to which it pertains.

The software licensed and/or developed by and for Mastt is protected by the national and international regulations in force in the field of intellectual and industrial property rights.

The User who proceeds to share any type of content through the Platform, ensures that it holds the rights necessary to do so, exempting Mastt of any responsibility on the content and legality of the information offered. The facilitation of contents by the Users through the Platform will be the non-exclusive assignment to Mastt, free of charge, and with the maximum amplitude permitted by the current legislation, of the rights of exploitation of intellectual or industrial property derived from such contents.


External links (links).

Users and, in general, those persons who propose to establish a link or hyperlink (hereinafter, the “link”) between their web site and the platform must fulfill the following conditions:

  • The link will only allow access to the Platform in the manner set up by the API which Mastt will make available.
  • The link will not be able to reproduce the appearance or contents of the Platform
  • No false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications will be made about Mastt, its directors, its employees, or its collaborators;
  • It will not be declared or implied that Mastt has authorized the link or has supervised or assumed in any way the services offered by the third operator who establishes the link on its website, platform or system;
  • Except for those signs that are part of the same link, the website, Platform or system in which it is established it will not contain any brand, trade name, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs pertaining to Mastt app;
  • It shall not contain any content contrary or invidious to the rights of privacy or publicity or of any other rights of third parties;
  • It shall contain no illicit, obscene, pornographic, indecent information or content, which is in any way subject to public safety or generally accepted good manners;
  • It shall not will, incite or promote criminal, slanderous, defamatory, infamous, abusive, threatening, violent or, in general, contrary to law and public order or will, incite or promote actions, attitudes or discriminatory thoughts on the basis of race, gender, sexual identity, age, religion, belief, opinion, nationality, disability, or any other personal or social circumstance or condition.

The establishment of the link does not imply in any case the existence of relations between Mastt and the owner of the website, Platform or system in which it is established, neither the acceptance and approval by Mastt of its contents implies any acceptance of responsibility for the quality, legality, reliability and/or usefulness of those other websites to which it is possible to accede through hyperlinks.

Mastt is exonerated of all responsibility for the correct functioning of such links, the results obtained through them, the veracity and lawfulness of the content or information that can be accessed, as well as the damages that the user may suffer by virtue of the information found in the websites so linked.

Independence of the Clauses

If any of the terms of these General Conditions are null and void, it shall be unenforceable. Such declaration of invalidity shall not invalidate the remainder of the contract, which will maintain its validity and effectiveness between the parties.

Applicable Legislation

The law applicable in the event of dispute or conflict of interpretation of the terms that make up these conditions of the Australian law shall be, unless the rules of protection of consumers and users establish the applicability of a different legislation.

For the resolution of any conflict that may arise, Mastt and the User agree to submit to the judges and home courts of Mastt, or the User, at the User’s choice, provided that it is located in Australian territory or any other jurisdiction whose applicability is imposed by the rules of protection of consumers and users.

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Mastt has saved our team significant time and effort in managing the financials elements of 65+projects. The team now has total visibility over their individual projects as well as the overarching program of works.

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