Beautiful risk software built for capital & infrastructure projects

Know your number 1 risk in real time and learn the most effective
mitigations so your project, program or portfolio can achieve
on-time and on-budget execution every time.

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“The implementation of Mastt has transformed the way we perform cost control and reporting functions across the projects and programs. Mastt is easy to navigate and use, creating valuable efficiencies by automating time consuming tasks”

Reduce costs, save time

Based on ISO 31000, Mastt puts everything you need to manage risks at your fingertips in a simple system. Mastt seamlessly integrating people, systems, and data.

Build risk resilience at every stage of the project lifecycle

Manage and learn from risk so you can thrive and grow during change, disruptions and unforeseen events. Learn how to prevent issues, increase organisational preparedness and recovery.

Communicate more effectively with powerful Risk visualisations

Cut through the noise of tabular data by focusing on your most important metrics. Mastt's custom visualisations make your information digestible so you can analyze any report at a glance.

Complete visibility at Program, Portfolio and Organisation levels

Make fast, informed decisions across projects thanks to Mastt’s automated and real time aggregation of risk.

Avoid death by spreadsheets
and turn risks into opportunities

We’ve developed the world’s most easy to use risk management tool for project
managers and project owners. Gone are the days of managing risks in an
impossible spreadsheet.

Risk Dashboards

Real time risks so you can regularly review, monitor, and evaluate

Active Risk Registers

Identify and document potential risks using Mastt’s pre-defined risk templates

Causes and Consequences

Identify the causes, impacts and consequences of a risk

Treatments and Mitigations

Put in place strategies/controls to manage the likelihood of opportunities or reduce the likelihood or severity of a risk


Identify, analyze, and take action for risks that may arise to make sure your project remains on track for success

Impact Categories

Set impact categories at the organisation level to ensure all projects measure consequences and impacts of risks in-line with governance

Evaluating Risk

Determine whether risks are to be accepted, avoided, retired or un-funded and set priorities

Issues and Opportunities

Convert risks to Issues or Opportunities easily to improve the probability of success

Cost and Time Analysis

Save time and hassle by keeping cost and schedule risk analysis on a single platform, integrated with Mastt’s cost module


Generate reports and present risk results with clarity and simplicity

Extract to Excel

Download risk registers to excel anytime

Benchmarking and Statistics

Powerful analytics with intuitive and flexible report design tools to help you make better decisions around your risk data

See why $ billions worth of projects deliver better with Mastt

"Mastt provides software that is currently at the forefront of owner/client-side project management for the construction industry and continues to change the way we operate for the better."