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Hop Dao Jun 04 9 mins
Would being a woman ever stop you from thriving in the construction industry? To Mastt’s Head of Revenue Operations Bodana Moran, it all comes down to having the right mindset and self-belief.
John Fisher Jun 03 6 mins
A survey by Computer Economics in 2019 shows that ERP not only has the lowest ROI rating of all the technologies, but companies also struggled with cost certainty.
Doug Vincent May 10 9 mins
Project Managers (PMs) all have the responsibility to deliver a project within an established time and budget. So, what is the difference between getting work done on site as a construction project manager versus getting work done in the office as an owner's project manager? 
Tim Mills Apr 09 8 mins
As we look forward to the development of Sydney’s third city centre, let’s look back at Australia’s top five inventions and buildings that proved Australia is a nation of innovation.  
John Fisher Mar 25 10 mins
Construction businesses have started to recognise the power that cloud software systems bring and they are now taking advantage of the cloud to handle complex workflows.
Doug Vincent Mar 15 9 mins
In this article, we will look at the 6 most common solutions for project managers in our space and why they work for their particular use case(s).
Doug Vincent Mar 11 5 mins
Aconex founders Rob Phillpot and Leigh Jasper have been joined by a former senior Lendlease executive and global investment firms in an early-stage investment round at Mastt.
Jamie Cerexhe Oct 30 10 mins
What I've learned project managing a software product for construction project managers
Doug Vincent Oct 17 6 mins
The struggle is real for project owners and client-side PM firms having issues 😭 developing software internally…
Doug Vincent Oct 17 9 mins
Capital works portfolios in particular need to be able to respond to fast-moving changes to data at the drop of a hat to stop cost blowouts or time delays as as soon as possible
Raman Nambiar Oct 17 1 min
It’s all about infrastructure for 2020. With the decrease in residential construction activity and the moderate recovery of the mining sector combined with the stable nature of non-residential projects, it seems that Infrastructure projects are the only area with significant growth in the sector for 2020.
Doug Vincent Oct 17 10 mins
Owners, clients and key decision makers are no longer satisfied with spreadsheets being the primary system for the management of complicated capital and construction projects and portfolios
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