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Jamie Cerexhe Oct 30 10 mins
What I've learned project managing a software product for construction project managers
Doug Vincent Oct 17 6 mins
The struggle is real for project owners and client-side PM firms having issues 😭 developing software internally…
Doug Vincent Oct 17 9 mins
Capital works portfolios in particular need to be able to respond to fast-moving changes to data at the drop of a hat to stop cost blowouts or time delays as as soon as possible
Raman Nambiar Oct 17 1 min
It’s all about infrastructure for 2020. With the decrease in residential construction activity and the moderate recovery of the mining sector combined with the stable nature of non-residential projects, it seems that Infrastructure projects are the only area with significant growth in the sector for 2020.
Doug Vincent Oct 17 10 mins
Owners, clients and key decision makers are no longer satisfied with spreadsheets being the primary system for the management of complicated capital and construction projects and portfolios
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