Mastt for Project Consultants

Stay on budget and give all team members the tools they need to collaborate successfully on every project.

Less administration and more imagination

Give your team access to a seamless system that minimizes
administration time and maximizes analytical insights to give
them every chance of success.

Centralised data

Get off disparate spreadsheets and start collaborating in a workflow designed by project managers.

Easy Visualisations

Drill down into complex variations, cash flows and forecasts with our signature roll up displays enabling you to identify problems faster and stay ahead of the game.

No report preparation

Avoid scrambling to prepare monthly reports. Mastt dashboards give you real time reporting 24x7 so you are informed every step of the way.

"Mastt has provided the team with total visibility over their individual projects as well as the overall program of works. It has reduced the need for numerous spread sheets which prevents errors occurring and allows risks and issues to be picked up earlier. The real time updates allows us to keep updated on progress and provide updates to clients whenever required. Mastt has saved our team significant time and effort in becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for managing the financials elements of 65+ projects."

Rebecca White, Program Manager

Mastt reduces complexity and increases efficiency in one elegant system. Our real time data-driven system gives you the power at your finger tips to make decisions and deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

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Explore the features
that matter for you as
a Project Consultant:

Our software is built by project managers for project managers to give you a simple and effective solution to maximize success.

Project Consultant Focus

Mastt is fanatical about giving project consultants the insights they need to keep projects on time and on budget.

  • Slash administration for your teams and give them back valuable time to focus on planning, analysis and quality control.
  • Increase collaboration efficiencies to improve standards and accountability.
  • Real time reporting with transparency on granular budgets and variations.
  • Risk reporting and project health functionality.
  • Cloud based with maximum data security and audit trails so you know who does what and when.

Let’s get real


Mastt systems have resulted in a 76% increase in forecast accuracy.


95% of Project Consultants using Mastt said they have better visibility.

2 hrs

Project Consultants report an average time saving of 2 hours per week.

Check out how Project Consultants are using Mastt to stay ahead

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Seeing is believing

See Mastt in action and explore how we can help you
stay ahead of the game.

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